Can tax payments be made via credit card?

Nowadays, so many people prefer to use their credit or debit card for every transaction versus sending checks, wires, cash, or money orders. When it comes to paying taxes the IRS is attempting to make it easier on taxpayers by offering the ability to pay different ways.  One question that comes up quite a bit with the Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax, can I pay this tax with my credit card?

These are the two methods you can pay your Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290 with:


If you're unclear on what EFTPS is, check out our FAQ answer on what is EFTPS?  It will also give you information on how you can sign up for EFTPS to pay your 2290 tax. 

Electronic Funds Withdrawal

This is a debit from your bank account.  Through our software, you'll be able to enter your bank and routing number which we pass directly to the IRS along with your form 2290.  We do not debit your account for the taxes.

The IRS Form 2290 cannot be paid with a credit card.

What taxes can you pay with a credit card?

It is possible that you can pay some of your taxes via debit or credit card. Below we outline all the tax forms that can be paid with with a credit card.

This is a list of individual tax forms that can be paid Via Credit card:

-Form 1040

-Form 1040-ES

-Form 1040-X

-Form 4868

Form 5329

-Healthcare - Form 1040

-Healthcare - From 1040-X

-Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

This is a list of business tax forms that can be paid via credit card:

-Form 940

-Form 941 Series

-Form 943

-Form 944

-Form 945

-Form 1041

-Form 1065

You can also click here to see a list of forms that the IRS will accept debit or credit card payments for.

just in case you're interested you can click here to see a list of third-party providers that allow you to pay with your debit or credit card.

We hope that this answer was helpful and we look forward to helping you e-file your next Form 2290.


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